Agata Maszkiewicz is a choreographer, performer and dancer.  

After a course in Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw, she studied at the Institute of Dance Arts of the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversitaet in Linz (Austria), then at the CCN of Montpellier with 07. She worked, among others , with the Superamas collective, Ivana Muller, Anne Juren, Alix Eynaudi.

Since 2008, she has been creating her own pieces such as the solo POLSKA, the performances Don Kiewicz & Sanczo Waniec and Duel, supported by the MODUL DANCE program.

Currently, Agata is an associate artist at l'Avant-Scène Cognac which produces STILL LIFE, his latest creation. She works regularly in Poland.

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