Cutting Mushrooms

I am influenced by the movie “Tetsuo: The Iron Man”, directed by Tsukamoto Shinya in 1989. 

What interests me here is the extreme and terrifying body transformation. I see in it an unlimited potential for the apparition of a humanoid creature in the field of reality. 

 From this sensation of carnal impact, I propose a solo where performance and choreography intertwine. Using a toxic transformation process, “Cutting mushrooms” gives space to the proliferation of unusual figures through trivial objects contained in my body like bacteria.  

For this creation, I am collaborating with Hubert Crabières, visual artist and photographer. His pictures aim to catch actions or situations in a produced, staged context. In his work, the production time is often more important than the image itself. 

This piece will be influenced and impregnated by his préparation process. We entwine our interests on reality’s incursion into fiction through the manufacture of hybrid objects and clothing. 

By absorbing his perfume, I embody the progressive apparition of an installation, like the metamorphosis process of the butterfly. My mutation leaves wet traces; I abandon my clothes like a chrysalis. Gradually, the space is filled with several shapes and objects that transform our perceptions. 

A myriad of shapes appears gradually and settles around me. They are frightening and disturbing, they collide in front of us and allow us to excavate deeply into our intimate spaces. 

I intensify my research as a revealer of monsters. 

I intuitively compose my transformation with bizarre vomiting, misuse of objects, random apparitions, irregular repetitions of a pattern, the perception of micro-deformations of the body, jokes without a punchline, moaning, and the evocative power of deterioration. Those elements are tangible in the traces I leave on the ground throughout my transformation. 

I start painting my dystopian world through intuition and imagination. Beyond individual fantasy, it reveals a monstrosity, which evokes conflicts going on in our society.

My transformation here is a personal resistance that expresses wounds and frustrations caused by compromising. I want to put a spotlight on the hidden angers and the despairs of our time, as if I could catch them through a process of destructuralizing. 

I dive into this dystopian and unique world and take with me the accumulations of my resentment in order to create a supernatural path beyond an upsetting reality. 

Conception, choreography and performance Kidows Kim

Artistic collaboration Hubert Crabière 

Light TBC

Outside eye TBC

Executive producer METEORES


Picture : ©Hubert Crabière

© 2020 All rights reserved

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