Deep cuts

One day while walking in a pine forest, I found myself hitting a branch against a tree, and it struck me that this action had a strong resonance with the act of flogging, a common BDSM practice and a personal passion. Finding myself suddenly in a BDSM relationship with a tree, I began a reflection on erotics and violence in our larger ecological articulations. Humans in the capitalocene are imbricated with Earth in ways that mix deep love, material dependance, the basic violence of existing in a food chain, and the horrific violence of unbridled extraction. I began to wonder if the affects of BDSM might be a particularly powerful lens to look at the relationship between humans and their ecosystems. 

The solo Deep Cuts (working title) will deal in the sensations and body states of erotic violence. Rather than engaging in the imagery of BDSM that one might associate with certain costumes, objects, or aesthetics, I am interested in engaging with the body of BDSM, the body that generously receives or doles out pain, and the states of anger, ecstasy, and exhaustion that might come with it. I am interested in the body that hits - hits itself, hits objects, hits the floor, hits the furniture, hits to get angry, hits to get percussive. I am interested in a state between pleasure and rage, which I experienced while hitting this tree, and which I have also experienced on the dance floor, in a wrestling match, while flogging a lover, and while running through the forest. A sensation that can’t be expressed in words, only danced and shouted. 


Concept and performance Bryan Campbell

Sound Designer Eric Yvelin

Light Designer Bruno Faucheron

Set Yoav Admoni

Outside Eye Katerina Andreou

Executive Production Météores

Administration and production Charlotte Giteau

Production, touring, development Sandrine Barrasso

Research of partners in progress.



Premiere : fall 2022 / winter 2023


Photo : ©Hannu

© 2020 All rights reserved

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