I gnaw my cursed wings and crash down on an untouched land where I am monster undercover.

Because of my eyes slanted by your pliers, my gaze is diffracting and releasing a blurred identity.

Between choreography, performance and total hybridity, “homesickness” is a solo that defies label, awakes repressed discomfort and enables us to perceive degeneration and degradation of the figure.

I excavate the invisible within the body in order to grasp the cruelty underneath. I press my lived experience onto unconscious stereotypes. My approach is to overcome a hermetic intimacy because my body embodies buried images. I am trying to deconstruct and dismantle the shape of things. By dissolving the perceptible, I attempt to reveal a new aspect of the tangible.

On stage, I bring absurd, disturbing and messy images to life by brutally handling heterogeneous materials starting from an intuitive body. I explore deformed physicality, explosion of language, as well as unexpected appearances of radically meaningful objects in order to unbox an abstraction of consumerism. The result is an unstable mess that destroys authority and hierarchy.

Capturing the raw reality of a creature far above us, I expose its most pathetic element. I enjoy floating and making aberrant mistakes. This is an instinctive desire.

I am continually looking to create a carnal impression on the people watching and to provoke unexpected reactions inside them.  

In this environment, I explore the infinite abyss of untamable toxicity. Listen, I am possessed by a monstrosity that contaminates me, that is constantly beside me and inside of me.

I wish to redefine and be as close as possible to what is real and what is fictional. I invite you into a story that is captivating as hell and leans toward nihilism.



Conception and choreography Kidows Kim

Interpretation and performance Kidows Kim 

Sound design dunkim donut and nijinskim 

Outside eye DD Dorvillier, Pauline Le Boulba,  Kazuki Fujita

Executive producer MÉTÉORES



Coproduction Festival Belluard Bollwerk International

With the support of Exerce master 2018/2020 ICI - National Choreographic Center of Montpellier and pad/invitation by the cie Nathalie Béasse, CND Centre national de la danse (studio residency)

Thanks to  Belulciaga, Myrto Katsiki, Jennifer Lacey, Anne Kerzerho, Fuyuhiko Takata and to the exerce masters program



Belluard Bollwerk International Festival : 2nd and 3rd of July in Fribourg – SWITZERLAND (cancelled, new date of premiere TBC)


Picture : ©minok

© 2020 All rights reserved

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