INUI_Laurie Peschier-Pimont Lauriane Houbey

Their artistic collaboration began in 2012 with the creation of Matrice, a scenic choreography which questions the conditions necessary for the emergence of collective movement, and uses the articulation between the individual, the group and the context. Since then in their research they have given particular attention to  environmental notions which have led them to use the notion of « mandscape » – landscape in movement in their performances.

In 2015 they embarked on the creation of Waving, an oceanic choral dance composed for a large gathering of amateur and professional dancers. Simultaneously they started working on the creation of Childhood manifesto, an on-site choreographical duo, interpreting intimate aquatic landscape.  In 2016 they presented a first edition of L’Ecole d’art sauvage around the notion of « mandscape » – landscape in movement – for the festival Marcher Camper Flotter on invitation by think-think-think, Nantes.

They have also developed a singular approach to teaching choreographic art, namely in visual art school. They question art work in general by the means of dance and performance. After the creation of Matrice at ESBANM Nantes, Le Travail de l’Art – a workshop and performance – has been produced for 3 years at ESAD Le Havre-Rouen. In 2014, with a group of students from ENSA Limoges, they created the performed conference Exposer, exploser, explorer and developed Edition performée, a teaching and performance project used in various art academies : ESAD-Grenoble in 2015, EESAB-Quimper in 2016.

Some projects lead to publications (paper/web). In 2013 Matrice for the Revue 303 (N° 132 : Performance, happening, art corporel ….au delà des disciplines artistiques). In 2015 Le Travail de l’Art for a paper in partnership with Nicolas Couturier – also presented within the framework of the exhibition La démarche à l’oeuvre. Dessins, partitions de jeu et dispositifs scéniques  at the Aître Saint-Maclou gallery, Rouen. A publishing and exhibition project is underway for Waving.


Météores manages the production of their projects.

BoraBora production manages the touring of their projects.

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