My name is Kidows, I was born in South Korea in a satellite town outside of Seoul. 
I first studied graphic design in Korea before moving to Paris to study mime; I got a diploma for mime artistry in 2015. After completing a training course at the CNDC in Angers in contemporary dance, I continued my research within the Exerce Masters at the National Choreographic Center of Montpellier between 2018 and 2020.

Since 2015 I created a series of performances in different formats:  “Série de manga " (2015), “Le dictionnaire des animaux fantastiques” (2018), “Sérotonine Faux – Punk" (2018), and “Autoportrait d’un visage déformé” (2019). 
I also took part of creations as a performer for Jonathan Capdevielle (“Le cabaret apocalypse”) and Vincent Dupont (“Cinq apparitions successives”) and followed Volmir Cordeiro’s project (Trottoir) as an outside eye. 
I consider that my aim is to reveal monsters. 
Since I was born, I’m troubled by a nightmare where I’m abducted by chimeric beings. 
My work meanders between figurative and abstract forms where monstrosity is omnipresent in order to reveal strange creatures. 
In my work, I seek to evoke the monstrous fantasy hidden amidst prosaic elements. I concentrate my attention on recognizable images and shapes and their progressive deformation. Through this process, I attempt to reveal hidden parts of the human body. By using mistakes, apparition and accident while handling everyday objects, I want to throw light on the most disturbing aspects of reality. 
I am totally obsessed with manga, cyber punk, sound effects, cinematography, painting, questions of identity and underground imagery. 
In my creations, my intention is to explore an aesthetic of chaos through strange and fantastic creatures embodying the margins of society and my inner unconscious mind. Specifically, I put great value on practices of the body, as well as the distortion of the limbs and voice, combined with an intuition for deformation. I am as a discreet instrument improvising around destruction.  
I always wonder how I can create a physical impression and a multiplicity of reactions from the audience by the production of psychedelic vibrations. 
I hope that the audience will construct its own way of watching the performance, sharing and exploring without boundaries. 

Météores manages the production of his projects.

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