Lauriane Houbey’s work experience spreads through Grenoble, Marseille and Nantes mingling choreographic, sound and graphic art and performance.  She works on projects interweaving collective impulse with intimate fiction and scenic poetics.

As a choreographer, since 2012 she collaborates with Laurie Peschier-Pimont, with whom she has elaborated the notion of « mandscape » - landscape in movement. Together they have created several choreographies intermingling landscape entities and group movement (Matrice, Childhood Manifesto, Waving, L’Ecole d’art sauvage). They have developed an educational approach to choreographic art namely in art schoolssuch as ESBANM-Nantes, ENSA-Limoges, ESAD-Grenoble, EESAB-Quimper (Matrice, exposer exploser explorer, L’Edition performée). These different projects are accompaniedby Météores based in Nantes.

Since 2010 she has regularly played an important part within in Grenoble where she organizes workshops around creation in context, giving opportunity to tackle particular social and physical realities (poverty, the homeless, south-north migration, visual deficiency), using the toolsof choreography and sound and those of documentary. These workshops have resulted in several interior and on-site productions (La Maraude cartographique, Géographies intérieures, Quelque part, Cartographies traverses, D’ici là le milieu, La nuit remue, Les voyages immobiles, Chair-langue).

As a performance artist, at present she performs in projects with Mathilde Monfreux (Kathy Acker) , Anne-Laure Pigache (Les Pourparlers), l’Agence Touriste (Promenades et  Bureaux), Ici-Même (Grenoble) (Concerts de sons de ville et dérives).

She has also participated in various publications, namely Géographies Intérieuresin 2012 and La nuit remuein 2014, two cartographic documents produced by  In 2014, with Laurie Peschier-Pimont, she has coordinated a carte blanche for the special issue of the Revue 303 « Performance, happening and body art » for L’Edition performée. In 2015 invited by CitéDanse in Grenoble, she has realized the choreographic score

Etirements n°2with Jérémy Damian.

Self-taught, she has trained with numerous choreographers and improvisers, in particular Lisa Nelson, Catherine Contour, Loîc Touzé, Julyen Hammilton, Trisha Bauman, Patricia Kuypers, Simone Forti, as well as with vocal artists such as Anne-Laure Pigache, Phil Minton, Myriam Djemour, and with various somatic methods (BMC , Feldenkrais, functional analysis of movement, Taï chi chuan). She has followed a training course concerning film (16 & 35mm), sound engineering and editing. In order to nourish her links with the seas and oceans she surfs and sails.

Météores manages the production of INUI's projects.

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