Mille et Une Nuits
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Once the eyes get used to darkness, they begin being able to discern a landscape that isn’t visible when there’s light. Like a third territory, or a third understanding of history. Somewhere between night and dawn.

In the tittle "Mille et Une nuits" (a thousand and one nights in English) there’s a double-meaning: the anxiety of a night that never ends and the promise of an inevitable ending. When stories are innumerable, normativity can no longer settle in. The multitude and complexities of the stories disturb the dominant order. For Scheherazade, inventing and telling stories is a question of survival. She prolongs the night by inventing new myths. Scheherazade isn’t only a legendary storyteller also a queer icon, and a healer who use the storytelling as a tool to heal the listeners from their normative belifs.

"Mille et Une Nuits", which will be created in 2024, is a contemporary opera for 4 or 5 performers.


Conception, choreography, text Sorour Darabi 

Performers / singers (TBC) 

Dramaturgy Lynda Rahal

Composor Pablo Altar
Sound Design Pablo Altar and Ange Halliwell 

Musicians (TBC) 
Vocal Coach (TBC) 

Light Design (TBC) 

Scenography (TBC) 

Costume et decor (TBC) 

Outside Eyes (TBC) 

Sound Manager (TBC) 

Stage Manager (TBC) 

Executive production Météores

Administration, production Charlotte Giteau

Production, Touring management Anaïs Guilleminot



Montpellier Danse

In progress


La Manutention – Palais de Tokyo – octobre/novembre 2022


 Premiere in June 2024 in the frame of Montpellier Danse Festival 


Photo : ©Bogdan Smith TRAUM 2016

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