Performative pedagogy

Regarder son corps, son environnement, l’autre, observer, comprendre.

Jouer avec son corps, transformer le paysage, rencontrer l’autre.

Performer son corps, son quotidien, le geste, l’autre.

Les projets pédagogiques menés par Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz auprès d'amateur·rice·s, de jeunes, d'étudiant·es·s, de publics empêchés, proposent de tisser des liens fort entre l’art et le quotidien. 

À travers les outils chorégraphiques et performatifs elle invite les participant·es·s à reconsidérer leur rapport à l’art et à s’amuser à s’en rapprocher tout en travaillant en douceur la notion du regard.

Un projet de danse participative mené sur deux ans par le CND à Pantin avec les des quartiers avec comme artistes invitées Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz, Wanjiru Kamuyu, et Marcela Santander & Bettina Blanc Penther.

Assemblé invite à créer des communautés éphémères et dansantes dans la commune de Pantin (93) de novembre 2021 à mai 2022.

Par la récolte et l’échange des danses de chacun.e et la transformation de celles-ci en créations collectives, Assemblé propose de nouveaux moments de rencontres dans la ville de Pantin pour partager les danse qui nous habitent et qui nous touchent, qu’elles éclosent d’un souvenir ou d’une rencontre, pour créer ensemble de nouvelles danses pour faire bouger tout Pantin à l’occasion d’Un kilomètre de danse, le 14 mai 2022 dans différents quartiers de la ville.

Projet pour un groupe de danseurs amateurs / habitants de Pantin (93). 2021  2022

The objective of this project is to discover different kinds of artistic and scenic expression in which the body plays an important role. Students are encouraged to observe and compare modes of bodily, visual and / or textual expression. We will wonder how the body in live or in image can as well as the text and the words, express and arouse various emotions. The body is the seat of our emotions, but also a "communication tool". In a society where the image is omnipresent, it determines the image that we refer to ourselves and to others. The body has a history, a memory. How to apprehend his body which is necessary for the construction of oneself? From the outings, the students are encouraged to express and exchange their emotions, their opinions, their tastes and their opinions. The objective is also to promote dialogue and the exchange of opinions as well as practice within the group and finally to share an artistic form that arises from this experience with others. Open up, learn to listen and watch, dare to speak about your personal opinions and make concrete proposals to dare to put yourself on the stage.


CREAC project and classes at PAC guided by the Mac de Créteil. 2015 - 2021

First through physical practices, through an entry into dance, into physical sensations, into performance. Then by working as an actor, it is about trying to shift the way of perceiving his surroundings and his own body within it. Seek to bring poetry and fiction into the image of oneself. Take the time to observe, to feel good about yourself, alone, in front of others, to look at others with a benevolent gaze, to thwart the codes of gaze imposed by this environment, by society. Seek freedom in a space that is deprived of it.
At the same time, explore the image of the reader, meet books and the act of reading in everyday life, in the history of art. Through sessions of crossed eyes on films, videos. Through viewing of paintings and photos. By reading and rewriting pieces of texts, magazines, newspapers, private or not. Create self-portraits in reading lights.

Project with and for a group of inmates.
Fresnes detention center in partnership with the Mac / Val, Museum of Contemporary Art of Val de Marne. 2017 - 2018

SensArtsionnel is designed as a route that offers college students the opportunity to visit exhibitions, watch films, attend dance performances, all accompanied by practical workshops that bring into play the spectator's experience. SensArtsionnel questions how to draw links between the different forms of art that we encounter, between daily life and the experience of the spectator, between our individual stories and those counted by art historians. It's a treasure hunt in the meanders of the forest of the arts. It is a crossing extended over the whole school year during which we learn, as a curious spectator, how to read the tracks, listen to the sounds and venture without fear on the slippery grounds that today's artists offer us.


Class project at PAC in partnership with the DAAC with the Cinémas du Palais, the Mac de Créteil and the Mac / Val. 2014 - 2016

The displaced gesture is an intense six-day practical and theoretical meeting with young people from the three sectors in agricultural high schools, wine and vine, service to people and territories and landscaping. It ends with an ambulatory performance, created together in the different places of the school. This project allows young people to observe their body, the contact of one body with another, and to scrutinize in a playful way the circumstances, the environments and the tools that accompany these meetings. This is to discover the different ways of involving their own physicality in their daily work.

Project carried out with three branches of the Lycée Agricole Edgar Pisani in Montreuil-Bellay as part of the regional theme Le Geste Professionnel, with the Art'ur network / Artistic action network of public agricultural education, in partnership with the FRAC Pays of the Loire and the DRAC. 2016