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Vox dives into the meanderings of the vocal. Vox imitates music and the instruments that 

make it.

Vox erases the body so as to find other ones.

Vox disguises, distorts and never drains.

Vox shouts, utters, moans, stumbles and above all jubilates.

Vox tells without saying.

Vox voids.

While focusing on the musical evennoisist aspect of her voice, Aline Landreau intensifies one of the major element of her choreographic work, namely the deeply physical, immediate and therefore spatial dimension of sound. In that new collaboration with the musician Antoine Monzonis-Calvet, an aim is to reach the limits as well as the unexplored potentials of her vocal cords. An invisible beginning point, vibrant and wavering, for a performance based on hollowness in which the body on stage topples its own presence into an instrument dedicated to an edgeless and bottomless interiority. 


Cast and production

Concept Performance Aline Landreau  

Artistic collaboration Music Antoine Monzonis-Calvet 

Dramaturgical advise Thomas Schaupp 

Space Light Aline Landreau & Antoine Monzonis-Calvet 

Costume Marion Montel 

Vocal coach Ute Wassermann


A coproduction from Sophiensæle - Berlin and FORMA Festival - Angers / Galerie A. With the kind support of Sept Cent Quatre Vingt Trois - Nantes, CNDC - Angers, Institut Français / Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse - Berlin and the NPN International Guest Performance Fund for Dance.



Tanztage - Berlin - January 7 & 8 2016 

ImPulsTanz - Vienne - August 6 & 8 2016
Champs Magnétiques - le lieu unique - September 7 2019

Vidéo Teaser VOX


Photo : ©Roger Rossell / Aline Landreau

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